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An underrated Android emulator for Windows

updated on May 15, 2024
632.4mb | free


Completely free to use
Getting started is simple
Plenty of customization options
Custom settings for the most popular games
Users praise its performance with demanding games


Used to install adware
Price: $
The evolution of Android gaming has led to a surge in the popularity of emulators which allow people to run virtual Android machines on their PCs and laptops. The popular games often include some major titles like PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, or other games that can be enjoyed easier with a mouse and keyboard. Let's review LDPlayer and see how it compares to the competition.

LDPlayer focuses on simplicity. It downloads, installs, and runs without any issues or pop-ups. However, in the past, users complained about the installer installing LD News adware without asking for consent, which can be categorized as malicious intentions by the developer. This was resolved in future versions. Once you open it, you'll see an Android tablet-like UI with a few available icons. You can sign into the Play Store to download apps and games, or you can drag-and-drop APK files to install them.

Despite PCs and laptops having more processing power than mobile devices, it doesn't necessarily mean that emulators are better than smartphones or tablets. Optimization is key, and, based on users' feedback, LDPlayer delivers better than the competition, but official benchmarks are hard to find. Our testing discovered that, while high-end games are playable, your PC/laptop will still need to pack a decent graphics card along with at least 8 GB of RAM.

LDPlayer makes sure that keyboard binding is smooth and logical for each game. We didn't need any help to play Among Us, because the controls were very intuitive. If you still feel like some of the controls aren't well-suited for the actual game, the right-side menu contains the option to change controls quickly. Besides keyboard mapping, in this menu, you'll find options like volume controls, fullscreen switch, multi-player, synchronizer (one action repeats across many LDPlayer windows), screenshots/video-recording, screen rotation, and device-shaking.

LDPlayer settings enable even further control where you can select the number of cores and GBs of RAM for the emulator to use. Furthermore, you can switch between tablet and smartphone resolutions and preset models. There are some custom options for popular games like League of Legends Mobile and PUBG Mobile.

All things considered, LDPlayer certainly deserves to be mentioned among the top Android emulators for Windows, and it doesn't get all the credit it deserves. The sheer simplicity of getting started along with so many customization options make LDPlayer a versatile emulator for all audiences. Also, don't forget, it's completely free!
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